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How to use this blog:

Click on your class name which appears right under the picture of Notre Dame, or down below under “Categories” in the grey area.  Classwork and homework will be listed by date, with the most recent at the top.  Any assignments that are handed out in class will be available for download on this blog, so when you are absent, you can access the homework and keep up with the class.

If you wish to leave me a comment or a question, click on “reply” under my postings. I encourage you to visit frequently. You may find some helpful hints right before a quiz or test, so don’t forget to use FLOG as a study tool. And just a reminder: all posts must be directly related to what we are doing in French class. 

Bienvenue à notre blog pour la classe de français. Ici vous trouvez les devoirs quand vous êtes absents de la classe, ou quand vous avez oublié les instructions données en classe.  Nous allons passer une bonne année scolaire!  Allons-y!


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